Stylish Sparrow

Tribal Lace

I was in a pickle. The 303 White Party was fast approaching, and I owned nothing white to wear. Or, at least nothing white that fit the occasion.Three days before the party, I did find a white dress that fit well, but it was lace. Lace. I am so not lace. I bought the dress, trusting that I could style it in a way that would look and feel like me, even it was lace. I experimented with different accessories. Pearls were too prim and formal. Other things were too ornate, or heavy, or just not quite right. When I came across my Matr Boomie necklace, it began to come together. Riffing off the burnished gold, I added a decades old gold cuff and then a carved faux bone stretch bracelet. Tiny gold studs finished the look. Fly London snakeskin wedges added just the edge I wanted.

I realized I can wear lace! And I don’t have to feel like a doily or tablecloth. The trick is finding a garment that defines the silhouette, and a lightweight soft lace that moves with the body. When the sun set and I needed another layer, I added a denim jacket. Is it possible to stretch this ensemble beyond Labor Day? Yes. I’ll be changing the wedge sandals for my rust brown boots.

What are you thinking you can’t wear? The white shirt. Vintage. Ruffles. Pinstripes. If you are drawn to something different and new, and it feels not-quite-you, try mixing it with accessories that look and feel like you. Especially if it’s an unexpected combination. That’s when things get interesting. Contract is eye-catching. Tailored pinstripe pants with a romantic blouse. The crisp white shirt with a sparkly, gem studded statement necklace. Make it your own.