Stylish Sparrow

Captivate or Camouflage?

Clothing has the power to captivate attention or camouflage.

There are 2 episodes of “What Not to Wear” that illustrate this truth in two distinct, polar opposites. In one episode, the woman is hiding herself behind large t-shirts and baggy jeans. She works in the television industry as a personal assistant, and she is well-loved by all who know her.  Her hair is in a pony tail, no makeup, sneakers, etc.  You get the picture.  She’s hiding herself, doing her best not to be seen or stand out. During the episode, she learns how to enjoy making an effort.  Her countenance changes.  She has a brighter presence, from the inside out.

The other woman is a hair stylist, busy being as ostentatious as possible, head to toe (think Lady Gaga, only not as well as The Lady G does it.)  Her outlandish getups distract from her as a person.  She too is hiding, but in a different way:  behind the shock value she creates, as a way of avoiding  revealing her true self.  There is no cohesion to her look.  Halfway through the episode, her deeper, inner issues rise to the surface.  After much resistance, she begins to open to the possibility of expressing herself in a more authentic way.  The stylists guide her toward looks that still feel like her, while also complementing and highlighting her individual style.  She softens and opens as a person.

In the end, both women learned how to express themselves while remaining true to who they are.

In nature, the feathers of the sparrow serve to camouflage for safety or serve as demarcation as to the type of sparrow. What a beautiful illustration from the sparrow, reminding us that our personal clothing speaks on our behalf with the power to transform how people see us. Style is a way of expressing who you are and who you want to be.  And the egg?  Well, that’s the egg of possibility.

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