Conscious Dressing

For a Vibrant Life

Stylish Sparrow was born out of my desire to do what I can, in my corner of the world and every day life to make a difference. The contents of our closets have a ripple effect across the globe. Is it possible to enjoy fashion in a socially and environmentally conscious way? The answer is yes. Buying resale is one of many ways to make a positive difference. Shopping ethically sourced clothing not only supports a stable lifestyle for artisans, their families and communities, but it also prevents vulnerable people from being trafficked into slavery. The end result of shopping resale is a unique look you won’t find anywhere else, instead of a canned outfit that looks like a particular store or single brand.

  Stylish Sparrow is wholeheartedly outfitting women with style.

Ethically Styled Wardrobes

For Everyday Life

Knowing how to make the most of what we already own prevents us from buying things we don’t need. A closet full of clothes and the feeling of nothing to wear causes us to buy more. We have become accustomed to Fast Fashion disposable clothing that we wear only a couple of times. When we shop with a plan, not only do we save money and time, but we also protect people and our natural resources. I love empowering women to make the most of who they are and what they already own within their own closet.

What if Your Closet Made You Feel Wholehearted?


Intrinsic Beauty: The Sparrow

Beauty resides within every person and situation. Inherent beauty is where the journey of personal style begins.

Global Citizenship: All Birds

Seeing ourselves as Global Citizens changes the choices we make in our everyday lives. Our purchases impact people in a meaningful way. An ethical culture benefits both artisans and consumers.

Freedom: Inspired Flight

True beauty and style begin when we break free from society’s limited ideals. Reclaiming the ideal as yourself, just as you are today —is liberating.

Everyday Real: Feathers

A sparrow’s feathers serve as both camouflage and demarcation. Our clothing serves different purposes at various stages in our lives. Personal style is accessible and affordable at every stage in life.

Human Connection: The Flock

Women around the world have been celebrating and expressing beauty through adornment since the beginning of time. When women come together to overcome challenges, we are all liberated. We need each other in order to see ourselves, own our personal style, and see new possibilities.