Stylish Sparrow
  • Captivate or Camouflage?

    Clothing has the power to captivate attention or camouflage.

    There are 2 episodes of “What Not to Wear” that illustrate this truth in two distinct, polar opposites. In one episode, the woman is hiding herself behind large t-shirts and baggy jeans. She works in the television industry as a personal assistant, and she is well-loved by […]

  • Strangers to Friends Clothing Swap at Stylish Sparrow

    Friday October 14th, 6:30-8:30, please join Strangers to Friends for their Fall Fashion Swap, hosted by Stylish Sparrow.  Carlyn Shaw is the creator of Strangers to Friends, a social network dedicated to authentic human connection.  Carlyn is writing a book about her incredible stories of synchronistic encounters with strangers who quickly become friends in the […]

  • Tribal Lace

    I was in a pickle. The 303 White Party was fast approaching, and I owned nothing white to wear. Or, at least nothing white that fit the occasion.Three days before the party, I did find a white dress that fit well, but it was lace. Lace. I am so not lace. I bought the dress, […]

  • True Cost Movie Screening Friday September 30th

    Curious about the intersection of fashion, social justice and the environment?  Come watch this movie with us.  Afterwards, we’ll discuss our reactions and how we can take small steps in our every day lives to create positive ripple effects across the globe.

    The True Cost movie is a story about clothing. It’s about the clothes we […]