How it Works

There are Many Ways to Approach a Wardrobe

Over time, I have found that the most effective process involves 3 steps:

1) Edit and Organize your Wardrobe

2) Shop Your Closet and Identify What is Needed

3) Strategically Add Clothing and Accessories

Stylish Sparrow works in a highly customized approach to accomplish your goals and define your personal style. When you clean out your closet and understand how to work with what you already own, you can then strategically add what you need according to a plan. Some clients seek support in all these areas, while others need one task accomplished. The amount of time varies from person to person and closet to closet.

What We Can Do Together

Menu of Services

Get Organized

Letting go of what no longer serves you creates spaciousness not only when you look into your closet, but also when you look inside yourself. We’ll work together to decide what to keep and what to release into the world for the next person to enjoy. When items are hanging and ordered according to how you build your outfits, new possibilities begin to emerge in your own closet.

Customize Your Look

Stylish Sparrow brings a fresh eye to your current clothing selection by creating new outfits from your existing wardrobe. Accessories can make or break the outfit and set your look apart. We will take photos of every outfit and create a personal Look Book to remind you how to put the outfits together. We’ll start by working with what you have, and then identify what is needed.

The Savvy Shopper

Experience the satisfaction of shopping with a plan. You’ll know exactly what you can wear with each new addition to your closet. We’ll shop together in stores or online. Our in-Home Customized Shopping Experience is also available. Imagine a rack of clothing in your size delivered to your home, and each item has been selected just for you by someone who understands your personal taste.

Capsule Wardrobe

It’s wonderful to travel lightly through life. The Capsule Wardrobe is an efficient, interchangeable collection of clothing that all coordinates seamlessly to suit your everyday life. A Travel Pod is a capsule of clothing assembled for a special trip. Photos will be taken of each outfit so that you can effortlessly get dressed every day and focus on your adventure.

My desire is that you enjoy getting dressed and expressing your personal style. This is not about spending a lot of money for things you don’t need and it’s not a makeover. It’s about feeling good right now, just as you are.

Lisa Sharpe

Style is for Everyone

What if you could experience creativity, confidence and freedom when you get dressed every day?

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More Things We Can Do Together

Additional Experiences

Private Encounter

Shop the Stylish Sparrow full collection of resale clothing and accessories.  Each item has been chosen because it has a unique quality, and Stylish Sparrow offers a vision of how to style each piece head to toe during this appointment. The collection is a mixture of vintage, fair trade, casual wear, special occasion, work essentials and a few things a little on the wild side. $50 styling fee.

Girlfriend Party

Our friends know us best, and who better to shop with?  Create a guest list, and Stylish Sparrow will host an afternoon or evening shopping party for you and your friends.  It’s a fun way to discover new looks for yourself that you would have never considered.  We see ourselves in a new light when we are surrounded by those who know us well, in community.  As the hostess, you receive a $50 Gift Certificate!

Special Events

Join the flock and receive invitations to Stylish Sparrow special events such as film screenings, style workshops, trunk shows and our Twice Annual Open House.

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