Do you believe that how you show up externally reflects your truest self? What if there was a way to make all of this easier and step into an entirely new way of being with how we WANT TO show up; a way of putting ourselves together so that we are a true reflection of who we REALLY are inside and out?

Shelley Hunter Hillesheim
Adrian Sparrow

I assumed this kind of thing was for “the rich and famous,” but Lisa makes it totally accessible. I treated myself to an in-home shopping experience on my birthday. At first I was nervous to let Lisa into my closet (such a personal and vulnerable place!) but she helped me feel relaxed and at ease. It was like having a really smart best girlfriend there, to help me see things I couldn’t see, give me great advice, lift me up, etc..

Rachel Koch Sizemore

I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe without buying a thing! The best part is that since working with Lisa, I have grown more confident in my personal style, how to put outfits together on my own, and even how to know what to buy when shopping. This is without a doubt the best investment in upping your style game that you can make.

As a fashionista myself, I was hesitant to have someone else update my wardrobe  -I was worried that it wouldn’t turn out very “Megan.” However, upon my initial consultation with Lisa, my hesitancies immediately dissipated. She understood my style and what my daily life called for. Creating a capsule summer wardrobe with Lisa was a blast and the experience has improved how I get dressed in the morning, and even how I shop!

Megan Timlin
Vicki Kinney Petersen
With a need to update my look I made an appointment with Lisa, at Stylish Sparrow, knowing her confidence, care and expertise would guide me during a season of transition. She coupled her keen eye for fashion with a listening ear, offering feedback on possibilities. In a short time, I left with designs that were obviously meant just for me and which I’ve enjoyed. When I receive compliments I think of Lisa with gratitude.
Amanda Bybee

After the birth of my second child, I found myself feeling frumpy and unsure of how to bring more style into my wardrobe. I reached out to Lisa for help.  As a result of my sessions, I started feeling better about myself – more confident, more beautiful, and more inclined to put energy into my appearance.

One night, I was out on a date with my husband, and THREE people came up to me + commented on my Stylish Sparrow red leather vintage coat + killer sassy jeans.
Lady #1 came up to me and said, “Oh, my goodness – I saw those jeans from across the room, and I thought, ‘Now there is a girl with some STYLE.  I’ve just gotta tell you – your outfit rocks!  Where did you find it?”
Lady #2 came up not 10 minutes later and said, “Dang, girl!  I’ve never seen a jacket like that in this town.  It’s killer!”
Dude #1 was the bouncer + as we were leaving, he said, “Wow – your jacket is the most smokin’ thing in this club!”

Sarah Davison Tracy
Amanda Brown Testa

I LOVED my experience working with Lisa.  She gave my closet a total facelift.  We got rid of what doesn’t fit my personality, and put together all kinds of new outfits with my existing wardrobe.  She is a blast to work with as well, and she can recommend the little additions here and there to really round out your wardrobe.  It feels amazing to go into my closet and know I can easily grab something that feels good, expresses my style, and looks great!

Jen Sarkela
Getting dressed is fun now!  I love having a few new pieces in my wardrobe that Lisa picked out for me and I’m glad she helped me see that what I already have is useful and I don’t have to start from scratch.  I feel more confident in what I put on and own my sense of style!  Lisa has a gift for seeing beauty in people and is an expert at bringing that beauty outward from the heart in an organic way.